Testimonials - Southwest Liquors & Check Casking

Been going here over 30 yrs

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Billie Mitchell, Verified Google Review

Great place!

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Shawn Jackson, Verified Google Review

Beautiful store and great staff awesome.

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Gary Patel, Verified Google Review

Danette is awesome very friendly and professional

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Ray and Rick... Verified Google Review

Check Cashing Service Reviews

I love seeing good people and I’ve worked in some facet of customer service all of my life so I understand it’s importance. A smile is important. He was so pleasant and I also watched him handle a difficult situation while I was there with ease. His staff is also completely adequate and friendly. NOT ONLY THAT but their check cashing fees are ridiculously LOW ONLY 1.25% for anything less than $100!!! ONLY 1.5% for anything over $800!!! Come on now. Nobody is beating that! I literally drive 20 minutes to come here because where I spend my money and supporting great business is real to me Thanks Billa!!! Keep doing what you’re doind and being an inspiration

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BWriteLove, Verified Google Review