At Southwest Liquors and Check Cashing, you can receive your direct deposit benefits on your Nexscard VISA.

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We offer direct deposit for social security payments, pensions, VA checks, and payroll checks. You can receive your direct deposit  on your Nexscard Visa. It is fast and secure with no more waiting for the mail or lost mail.

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  • No credit checks
  • No overdraft fees
  • No hassles
  • One-time cost of $4.95
  • No initial deposits
  • Keep in touch with your money with free text messaging, free online access, and toll-free customer service.

If you have any questions about the wide range of direct deposit services available here, please call us.

Contact Southwest Check Cashing & Liquors today at 410-646-4616 or visit our store for our direct deposit services, or browse our website for additional information on check cashing, large checks, direct deposit, beer, wine and liquor or other services.